If Grace was a colour,
she would be pink;
soft like a velvet rose.
Warmed by waves of light and
embraced by a shroud of indigo blue.

If Grace was a feeling,
he would be strength;
safe like an anchored rock.
Covered by fields of wild flowers and
protected by an army of resilient Oak.

If Grace was a gift,
the gift of a seed
to sew,
to water,
to grow,
with energy and flow.

If Grace were me,
I would be pink; soft like this velvet rose.
I would be warmed by these waves of light and
embraced by this shroud of indigo blue.

If Grace were me,
I would be strong; safe like this anchored rock.
I would be covered by fields of these wild flowers and
protected by this army of Oak.

If Grace was me
and that gift was a seed,
to nourish and flow
to energise and evolve;
to love beyond any threshold;
then, that seed, I will be.
Gracefully free.
Graceful Me.

Melissa Carter 6 Nov 2017 Sedgwick Park


Love Is Not A Problem

Love is not a problem, love is not that far away.
Just remove your shields and It’s there for you,
waiting with arms wide open to enfold and enroll you.
Hoping that one day you’ll be open for it too
Soften and flow your fears, it’s just one step away.
Can you feel it, can you reach for it.
It’s calling, wanting to run back to you.
It’s freedom,
It’s power in it’s softest way.
Allow it in,
feel it in every cell of your body.
And remember .. .. love is freedom, so don’t hold it in just for you.
The more you spread it,
The more it grows,
The more it will come back for you too 💖 

Rania Tahtawy  Cairo 24 December 2016


Am always wondering ….
What’s the meaning of beauty ….
Is it the beautiful face & features..!!
Is it the perfect figure…!!
Is it the unique attractive personality …!!
Is it the pure soul….!!
Maybe it’s a mix from all that…
But now I believe that the beauty is a Sun ….
Shining from your heart,
Lightening your soul your face and your world …..
It’s around you ✨✨✨
It’s the warmth spread in your body ….
You feel it in every single cell 💥💥
It’s something you can’t gain from others …. It’s growing from inside nourishing your body & soul 💖💖💖
Marwa Ahmed  Cairo 24 December 2016  🌷🌷

My Mission in Life

Life is a given;

To be celebrated in pure gratitude.

Gratitude that is not attached

But detached from its own fruits.


Life is beauty;

Beauty unalloyed,

Inseparable from nature.

And to be nurtured in every human event;

To be welcomed with purity of intention;

With fascination for every flow.


And thus your mission is rooted in this invitation in all things:

To praise,

To behold,

To cherish,

To savour,

To see as if for the first time,

To let be,

In order to let flow.


All things appear as they are:


If we but celebrate this beauty in all things.

Celebrate with ease and effortless;

For with grace, life is lived as a gift.

The wise celebrates life with effortless grace.


My mission is thus to allow myself to flow:

Not in the brute wild,

But in the subtle wise energy in all things.

Feel this subtlety that flows in all things.

And allow your fluid self to advance and become transparent

To the invitation of life’s infinite urge.

Three Short Poems from Energy 2016

Inspired by Ilka’s Constellations Workshop

When it does not rain in Eastbourne
The sun shines

At least that is what they tell me

They say there is energy there
in the sunshine
in the sea
in the stones on the beach

My Meditation

Potential possibilities.

Aware of an emptiness into which everything comes.

An emptiness where
Nothing is
And there is space for it  not to be.

Wave to Me

There is a way in which I always know what is wrong,
What the matter is
or the heart of the matter
that matters so much,
And the substance of the matter is
that is does not matter
as there is no matter
but only a
By Lisa Jennings 13 November 2016